Modern Farmhouse Oklahoma is here to help.  We will help you to find a piece of land within your budget and coordinate all of the connections that you will need to live in your new home right away.  We specialize in setting up Prefabricated/Modular homes, because we feel the advantages just outweigh new construction to the point it is not practical to do from scratch construction anymore. Prefab homes come in all shapes and sizes and budgets, if you want to get high end, they have those. If you want auxiliary buildings, you can get those prefabricated as well.  Getting contractors to your home-site, where ever it may be, is just too difficult in most cases for a private individual putting up one home. Subcontractors are notoriously famous for starting a job, then tiring of the drive and putting your project on the back burner.  Finish time for a new home constructed from scratch can take anywhere from eight months to a couple of years.  The cost to build it usually a lot more than planned as well.  As the cost of materials goes up, selling your home in high rent areas and moving to lower cost areas has become a trend and we want to help!

Building on your own land and staying on budget is really difficult if you build a home from scratch.  For all the best intentions, and sometimes not, your builder may under bid the job to get the contract and or deposits. Then once you are in contract and under construction it may become clear that the funds in the contract were insufficient to cover what you thought you were getting  The builder may ask you to pony up a bit more to cover ‘unexpected items’.  If you are unable, you may see the quality start to slip or your crews just stop showing up.  This happens all the time especially when you are living up in an area where labor is sparce (the reason you bought there in the first pl;ace!).  The beauty of a prefabricated home is that they are ready many times in a matter of weeks and you can be in your home in a matter of months. You are able to take possession before the entire yard is done too, unlike new construction which requires you to have all the landscape and other things done to the outside of your home before you can occupy the home.  The rules for prefabricated homes is just different. With the cost being so much lower and now the quality is very much the same, we think that it is the only way to ‘build’ a new home! 

We will show you the best places to purchase and the best builders of prefabricated homes for your budget.  We will help you to stay on  budget and get you into your new location faster and for much less than traditional ‘stick built’ construction.  We will be your assistant through the entire process so you are able to handle the sale of your home or manage things on your end, while your home is set up.  We are always available by phone to answer any questions you may have about this process and we will help you budget the project.  All for a flat fee of $1500, which we will credit you back at the close of escrow if you should happen to purchase one of the lots in our inventory in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.